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Mentor FAQ's Page

Unless you just finished reading the book Shaping the Journey of Emerging Adults, it's important that you take a few minutes to review the 3 postures of living the Christlife and the Rhythms of entering into a disciple making journey. We've also provided a look at how a conversation with an emerging adult might go using these resources. 

Can you explain the 3 Postures of the Christlife in these resources?

What if, instead of aiming at "right behaviors" we focused on developing 3 key postures or attitudes identifiable in the way Christ lived his life? Growing in those postures will help us to become like Christ from the inside out. First, Jesus always chose the will of the Father over his own.  We see Jesus TRUSTING the wisdom of His Father. Secondly, we can observe him SUBMITTING to the Father's heart and leadership through loving obedience.  He allowed the Father to define his identity and purpose.  Finally, in trusting and submitting himself fully to God, he was freed up to be LOVING to all God's creation.  Jesus loved unselfishly, wisely and lavishly as he extended himself from the love of his Father outward to all people. He fulfilled the great commandment of loving the Lord God (through the first 2 postures) and his loving others (through the third posture).  We want to become like him! 


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How do I use the Rhythms of discernment, intentionality and reflection in disciple-making?

These rhythms are a way to keep the disciple making relationship dynamic and responsive.  Nothing dampens a mentoring relationship more than conversations that feel stilted and irrelevant.  Use the rhythm of DISCERNMENT to listen to what is going on in the life of the young adult and to observe where God is moving.  This is the time to discern together which posture/topic to begin to discuss.  The rhythm of INTENTIONALITY describes the way you begin sharing together about what each of you discovered as you explored some of the resources related to the topic you chose the week before. REFLECTION is the rhythm that allows you to let your conversation sink in as well as decide what you will talk about the next time you meet.  Watch the video or use the step by step button to learn more about these rhythms.  Look at the Mentor Tips for advice on things like: Choosing topics, Expectations, Environment, Limitations or Encountering Resistance.

What might an actual conversation look like using these resources?  

The GOAL is to aim at intentional Christ focused growth in one of the postures.

The PROCESS of moving toward that goal is through using the rhythms of discernment (what posture and topic related to growing in that posture should we choose to focus on?), intentionality (the dialog created by sharing about the resources you chose to explore in preparation for your conversation) and reflection (considering together about what has been gained and where we want to go from here).

The HOPE is that the resources will provide engaging jumping off points for dynamic conversations that can encourage both the mentor and the mentee in becoming like Christ.  

         See the "Step by Step" button for a deeper explanation of the process.

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