Why did we create this resource?

We Believe

Intergenerational Relationships are the Future of the Church

Young adults of faith long for a deeper connection to older generations as well as guidance for their adult journey. Not surprisingly though, their desire is to be invested in, rather than talked at. 

Older generations are beginning to understand the importance of leaving a legacy of faith by investing in future generations of the church. Knowing the best way to make that investment can be challenging. 


What could happen if adults were given a Kingdom vision for meaningful investment? What could happen if they were provided with some practical tools to usher intergenerational conversations into places of spiritual depth?  Our hope is that this website will provide both a strategy and a means of investing in the next generation.  

            Jana Sundene, Resource Creator, and

                               Content Co-Creator.

               Jana is a Professor at Trinity International University.

            Rick Dunn, Co-Creator of Mentor Content and                                      Media Helps.

                Rick is the Lead Pastor of Fellowship Church in Knoxville, TN. 


  • The media and reflection materials are not intended to be "curriculum" or teach specific truths.  They are intended to facilitate conversation that will lead to a robust discussion as well as allow for discernment of what God's truth is for that topic. 

  • The linked material on this site does not necessarily reflect the theological stance of the authors or the institutions they are associated with. Content may be chosen for its value to spark good discussion and is not meant to be considered "curriculum". 

  • Each of the reading & reflection questions from Shaping the Journey of Emerging Adults indicates page numbers from the paper copy of the book. Ebook locations can be discovered by using the keywords in quotes indicated within each question.

Many Thanks to the many people who assisted in this project: D. Sundene, the media folks at Fellowship Church, J. Berry, S. Beyer, D. Bowman, A. Ward.