Christlife Posture: Trusting God's Wisdom

Topic: My Plans or God's Plans?

Suggested Approach: Choose 1 thing from each of the three boxes

OR Choose 1 from Media or Reflection + 1 from Scripture 

Media Excursions        Watch/read/listen and be ready to discuss Q's


  • Watch this interactive experience with “Starry Starry Night” (Van Gogh, video by xldear23).  Van Gogh had a plan for this painting, but in this video someone modifies the result.  How does this interaction mirror or contradict the way you think God works in the unfolding of our lives?

  • Impossible ( When dreaming about the future, how do these two buttons look to you?  How do you think they look to God?

Video Clip

  • Testimony: Colt McCoy (I am Second) What do you hear in this testimony that might relate to your own understanding of God’s plans for you? What is the relationship between plans you may have for yourself and God’s plans for you?

  • The Invisible Made Visible (This American Life) Watch the first six and a half minutes of this video.  What assumptions did Ryan make about reality as he searched for the answer to his question?  What assumptions do you find yourself making in thinking about making decision or about your future? Ryan's problem was not that he wasn't trying hard enough but was something else altogether.  How can you relate to the dilemma he faced? 


  • He’s Always been Faithful (Sara Groves) How do the truths in this song help you trust God's plans for you? Think of some ways you have seen His faithfulness in your life so far. 


  • What is God’s Plan for Me?” (Jacquelyn Davette Velasquez) This author boils down God’s plan to one sentence.  What do you think about that? How would you express what God’s overall plan for us is? How easy or difficult is it for you to embrace a definition like this?   

  •  “When God’s Timing is Taking Too Long” (Joyce Meyer)  This article discusses some important keys to choosing God’s way over our own.  Which ones are hardest for you?

Reflection Options  

Journal  (Reflect on one or more of these questions)

  • In what areas of your life are you struggling to know God’s plan for you? In what areas is your struggle more about following His will (vs. your own)?  How do you know the difference?

  • How do you currently perceive God’s movement in your life? How does this perception influence the way you think about your plans vs. God’s plans?

Quote Interaction (Interact by agreeing, disagreeing or otherwise engaging with the quote/quotes)

  • The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet. (Frederick Buechner)

  • We must cease striving and trust God to provide what He thinks is best and in whatever time He chooses to make it available. But this kind of trusting doesn't come naturally. It's a spiritual crisis of the will in which we must choose to exercise faith.  (Charles R. Swindoll)

  • . . . it is presumptuous in me to wish to choose my path, because I cannot tell which path is best for me. I must leave it to the Lord, Who knows me, to lead me by the path which is best for me, so that in all things His will may be done.  (Teresa of Ávila, Interior Castle)

Reading & Reflection from the book, Shaping The Journey of Emerging Adults:

  • Read "Is This A Universal Landscape?" (pp. 36-39, especially p. 38). What struggles have you experienced with either “constructing an ideal life” or “dreaming of an unattainable ideal” as described on this page? How does that affect your ability to trust God with your future?

  • Read the story of Molly and Jerry (p. 164). Put yourself in either Molly's or Jerry’s place.  Analyze the story from a “my plans” “God’s plans” perspective.  Think about both their past and their future.  

  • MENTOR: Look at the section “Pacing” (pp. 82-83).  Use the 3 questions on page 83--first ask yourself those questions, then imagine what the young adult you are meeting with would answer.  Check out your understanding by asking them the next time you meet.

 Explore Scripture

Meditate on one or more of the following passages. Always look them up in context.  Take some time to really explore the verse in relation to this topic.  How is the question of God's plans vs. man's plans addressed in these verses? What insights do you gain about following God's will?  Make a note of what you discover to share later.  See "Learn More About Ways to Study Scripture" below for help in getting the most out of the verse.

  • Genesis 24

  • Genesis chapters 37, 39-41 (Story of Joseph)

  • Judges 6 and 7

  • I Samuel 13:5-14

  • Habbakuk 2:3

  • Matthew 26:39-42

  • Romans 1:9-11

  • James 1:4

  • 1 John 2:16-17