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Christlife Posture: Loving Like Jesus

Topic: Pursuing Social Justice

Suggested Approach: Choose 1 thing from each of the three boxes

OR Choose 1 from Media or Reflection + 1 from Scripture 

Media Excursions (Watch/read/listen and be ready to discuss Q's)


  •  Christian Justice (Unknown Italian artist, ca. 1090’s)   What images, if any, parallel your mental picture of what Justice is about? Do you think our understanding of what Justice is has changed over time? If you were to paint a picture called “Christian Justice” what would it look like?

Video Clips

  • The Economy of Order (Letters to the Exiles) What image or words stood out the most to you from this video?  How do you think spaces could be opened up in your heart, church, home to extend that look of love?

  • Christian Values (Slateprojectmore)  This video pairs current events with scripture but without commentary. What was powerful to you about this? What felt lacking or unfair (if anything)?

  • Selah: Water from Stone (Fin and Fur Films) The pursuit of Justice can look a number of different ways--can it apply to our environment?  How does this story about the Bamberger Ranch Preserve relate to your understanding of what the pursuit of Justice is all about?  How does it differ?

  • BeLoved Documentary (JanieChuMusic) What surprised you about this woman’s story or about this ministry to sex-trafficked young women? How does unawareness perpetuate social injustice?



Online Teaching

  • Opostimistic (Letters to the Exiles) What points that he makes about being a justice bringer did you agree with? What were you challenged by?

Reflection Options  

Journal  (Reflect on one or more of these questions)

  • A believer might stand for justice in many different ways.  Create a list of as many different areas of life as you can think of that you think need justice advocates.  Which areas are you most drawn to? What would you like to contribute to that area?

  • “Strength takes many forms, and the most obvious forms are not always the most significant. The men who create power make an indispensable contribution to the Nation’s greatness, but the men who question power make a contribution just as indispensable, especially when that questioning is disinterested, for they determine whether we use power or power uses us.” Respond to the ideology of John F. Kennedy  What is the role of questioning in pursuing acts of justice? What do you think he means by “disinterested” questioning?

Quote Interaction  (Agree, disagree or otherwise engage with the quote/quotes)

  • Do you really want nothing but totally effective, instantaneous justice? Then go to hell. (D.A. Carson)

  • When justice is divorced from morality, when rights of individuals are separated from right and wrong, the only definition you have left for justice is the right for every individual to do as he pleases. And the end of that road is anarchy and barbarism. (John Piper)

  • Ultimately, God is the One who will right all wrongs. Vengeance is lawlessness because it does not recognize the lawful and righteousness execution of God's judgment which He will bring about in His time. In other words, vengeance amounts to being impatient with God. You must remember that wrongs cannot always be righted immediately. (Lou Priolo)

  • Social ethics must never be substituted for personal ethics. Crusading can easily become a dodge for facing up to one's lack of personal morality. By the same token, even if I am a model of personal righteousness, that does not excuse my participation in social evil.  (R. C. Sproul)

Reading and reflection on Shaping The Journey of Emerging Adults

  • Read “Empowering Love: Fulfilling the Father’s Will” (p. 97). What skills do you lack which prevent you from being able to effectively act on the desire you have to advocate for others/defend the defenseless? How could you pursue growth there?

  • Read “Challenge unawareness in the call to love others” (pp. 155-156).  What ideas given here for growing in awareness could you pursue together as mentor/mentee? Is there a service project you could do together that connects with a justice ministry?

  • MENTOR: Read “Identifying Growth Potential” (pp. 84-86). The young adult’s interest in social justice is admirable.  But don’t miss the opportunity to look for what God may be doing beneath the surface. Consider asking some of the questions listed on page 85.

Explore Scripture

Meditate on one or more of the following passages. Always look them up in context.  Take some time to really explore the verse in relation to this topic.  What does scripture want us to understand about justice from God's perspective? What can you learn about being a co-laborer for His Kingdom?  Make a note of what you discover to share later.  See "Learn More About Ways to Study Scripture" below for help in getting the most out of the verse.

  • Leviticus 19:11-15

  • Numbers 35: 9-15

  • Proverbs 31:9

  • Isaiah 1:17

  • Jeremiah 22:3, 23:1-6

  • Amos 5:15, 21-24

  • Micah 6:8

  • Luke 11:42-52

  • Romans 12:15-18

  • James 2:1-4

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